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Lubbock police say the dancers crossed the line and now Jake’s Sports Cafe is closed and its Chippendales male revue ended with arrests.

NewsChannel 11 was the only station on the scene when the Las Vegas dancers started dancing, but the show was just getting started when eight dancers were taken to the Lubbock County Jail.

Eight dancers are behind bars at the Lubbock County Jail along with their manager, promoter and a manager from Jake’s Sports Café. Less than 45 minutes into the show, the lights came on and Lubbock police walked all eight dancers out in handcuffs. NewsChannel 11 was the only station on the scene for the arrest.

Just minutes before, they were dancing through the crowd for dollars. Police tell NewsChannel 11 the line was crossed when dancers half-naked were moving in ways to arouse those in the crowd.

Lt. Gregory Stevens says, “One or more of the dancers engaged in and simulated sexual acts on one or more occasions and that violates the ordinance.” Lt. Stevens says if Jake’s had gotten a sexually orientated business permit, this would not have been a problem. Instead, Jake’s and police spoke to the dancers just before the show, telling them what they could and could not do.

Nearly 400 people had paid over $20 to see the show and many say they don’t think the dancers should have been arrested. Tiffany Carrol says, “I think it’s really unfair. No real rules were broken. All they were doing was going to be dancing around.” Another woman says, “If you go to any bar in town and your gonna get some guy grabbing on you and doing whatever Chippendales have been accused of. That’s fine, but if you pay for it apparently it’s very bad.”

Again, eight dancers, their manager, promoter and a Jake’s manager were all arrested. Three shows were planned for Friday and two of the three were sold out. Jake’s Sports Cafe is planning to work with customers on getting their money back.