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A man was arrested by the FBI in Lubbock County on Tuesday, according to jail records. Court documents accused Francis Frederick Goltz, 51, of making posts on right-wing websites threatening to injure political officials and their children.

Court documents stated that Goltz is a Canadian citizen who is in the United States as a lawful permanent resident.

According to court documents, Goltz had an account under the name “FreeSpeechMaster” on a website that described itself as “the ultimate right-wing news, memes and discussion aggregator.”

Court records stated that Goltz’s online accounts had a long history of making threats against “a variety of targets, including Canadian law enforcement officers, government officials, Jews, and others.”

In November, the FBI received information that Goltz made a threatening statement directed at poll election workers. Court documents stated that “FreeSpeechMaster” posted, “Hypothetically, a mass shooting of poll workers and election officials in these highly suspect precincts might be the way to go.”

Goltz also made threats specific to a Maricopa County, Arizona county official, according to court records. Court documents said “FreeSpeechMaster” posted the official’s name, home address, phone number and fax number, along with threats against the official’s children.

Court records stated that Goltz also had an account on another website with the display name “ShootThePope.” In response to posts about another Maricopa County official, Goltz suggested targeting the official’s children. Another user said kids were “off limits.” Goltz’s account replied that nothing was off limits and said the other user did not “have the stomach to do whatever it takes to get our country back.”

In November, court records stated Goltz wrote, “We are in dire need of a REAL holocaust this time.” In a post about a “prominent American Jewish politician,” court documents said Goltz commented, “I want to throw that Jew in an oven so badly, I can taste it.”

Goltz was also accused of making threats against “a prominent American medical advisor” and his children and grandchildren. Goltz made other comments that read, “Dead children burn into the memories of people. Dead adults are forgotten much easier.”

Goltz was arrested after the FBI obtained information that was associated with his online accounts. As of Friday, Goltz was held at the Lubbock County Detention Center on a federal warrant. The official charge listed in court records was Interstate Threatening Communications.