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The former Lubbock Police Department Deputy Chief who was arrested and accused of putting a gun to a woman’s head, Leath McClure, pleaded guilty on Friday to Deadly Conduct, a Class A Misdemeanor. He was sentenced to 18 months of probation.

Violence with police-issued weapon previously reported McClure was initially arrested in October and charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and one count of Continuous Violence Against the Family. He was placed on administrative leave and resigned the month after his arrest.

Court documents said McClure and a civilian LPD employee started a relationship in 2021 and McClure was her supervisor until he was promoted. According to court records, the victim was “physically assaulted, threatened, controlled and berated by Leath McClure to the point of great emotional distress and fear of losing her job.”

The victim told authorities McClure first assaulted her in December of 2022 when he slapped her, according to court records. McClure was accused of assaulting the woman again on March 8, 2023, when he ripped off her lanyard and shoved her into a door. Court records said McClure was accused of grabbing the woman by the throat. He also pressed a gun to the woman’s head and threatened to shoot her if she did not “tell him the truth” about a previous relationship, court documents stated.

“[The victim] stated she thought she was about to die,” court records stated. According to court documents, the victim thought McClure used his department-issued gun. He was also wearing his badge at the time of the assault.

Drugs found in police vehicle

During the investigation, authorities heard allegations that he was using steroids, and searched McClure’s LPD vehicle and office. Authorities found a black backpack with Tramadol and generic Xanax, both of which are controlled substances. recently obtained details from an open records request that was sent to the city on October 13. Documents showed McClure’s annual salary was a little more than $125,000. The document did not reflect any changes to his pay during his time on administrative leave, which ended with his resignation on November 20.

A protective order was previously issued to keep McClure away from the victim. As part of his community supervision conditions, McClure is to remain in Lubbock County unless he has permission from the court. He is required to complete a psychological evaluation, a substance abuse program, and surrender his license from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

The victim impact statement

The victim read an impact statement in court on Friday, and asked McClure to listen with his heart, instead of his pride. In court, the victim said she was “not a woman scorned out for revenge.”

In a written copy of the statement obtained by, the victim said watching the news conference felt “gut-wrenching.” In the days after McClure’s arrest, the victim said she did not know how to “eat, sleep or breathe without [McClure] dictating [her] every move.” The victim said she realized the only way through the situation was forward.

The victim wrote that McClure was “strung out” on steroids, which she called “poison.” The victim told McClure, “It turned you into a different person.” She said she would miss many things about their relationship but would not miss the violence or verbal abuse.

“I won’t miss both of my parents telling me there is only one way this could possibly end, and that is with me dead,” the victim said in court.

The victim also told McClure they both know what he did, and that God had given them both a “second chance.”

“I am not the vile, disgusting things you said I am.” the victim said. “God loves you, Leath Allan, he’s ready for you to run into his arms.”